Excel betting

Take a look at every serious betting forum or site and you’ll see that many punters are looking for help about working with Microsoft Excel. This is a program that should be in the arsenal of every serious bettor if he or she wants to be successful and gain profit from football betting. It is a powerful tool for creation and verification of different betting strategies.

Whether it’s to check the best odds for a match or how often a team finishes with under or over 3 goals in their matches Microsoft Excel is the program you need. Moreover, it can safely do very simple betting things such as saving your betting predictions and bets, so you can constantly monitor if you are on plus or heading for the loss from yours bets.
But let’s get back to far more complex betting techniques that you can do with Excel. Do you want to check how many times a team has ended with a victory by two goals or more? Of course, this is only an example, you might want to check how many times a team has scored one or no goals in the last excel betting20 matches? All this you can do with one excel file which to scrape the needed statistics from a betting site for less than a minute. It will take out for you the necessary information and then arrange it in a suitable way.

But now comes the complicated question – how to do all this? This is really complicated because it requires pretty good knowledge. However, to have success in betting, you must make some effort which will repay you rich.

Personally, my advice is to download two books to help you in learning excel. The first one is Excel for dummies and the other is VBA for dummies. The latter is particularly valuable because it lists all those techniques that will allow you to automate everything in excel so as to make the program work for you.

Your betting ideas can work on excel. It is an investment in time, which will pay you off with finding some successful betting strategy later.