An unbeatable betting system

While I was looking at one of my favourite betting forums I came across a rather interesting betting system offered by a bettor from England. The basis of his method was to back the teams that haven’t lost any of their last five matches. The requested odds are low, between 1.2 and 1.5, omitting extremely low odds like say those below 1.2. When the match is too unpredictable and the odds are high he bets on double – victory and draw or draw no bet, depending on which of the two types of bets the offered rate is within the limits prescribed by the bettor.

The system is called Unbeatable by its creator, but unfortunately doesn’t beat the betting houses, although it offers some really interesting ideas. So far, he has made exactly 160 bets of which 106 are winners and the other losers. The bank is below the line with 2.77 units, which is not too bad, but obviously something must be fixed in this system to yield betting profits.
betting system
People who follow the system in the forum suggest to bet on doubles, not just on singles, but this is something I cannot agree entirely, because thereby he would increase the chances of loss and when betting on low odds the most important thing is to make as many winners as you can.

Either way, this betting system is a step in the right direction and is good for its creator. Even if he fails to find a winner, which is the most probable scenario, it will surely enrich his knowledge about betting and how to gain profit from gambling or at least how not to lose.

Otherwise, my experience with these, let’s name them straight betting systems, where we found a pattern according to which we bet, shows that they generally lead to small but sure loss. It would really take a lot of time to lose your entire bankroll, but it will happen. These betting systems need something more to refine their results, but it’s something at least I still don’t know.